Goldie Hawn Without Makeup

Goldie Hawn Without Makeup
No wonder Kurt left her. Wonder if it was after she was ridden hard & hung up wet. Brings a whole new meaning to “The Banger Sisters”.

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40 Responses to Goldie Hawn Without Makeup

  1. ceasar

    I just can noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot believe it

  2. kaylynn

    wow. she looks like gollum.

  3. Samantha

    She’s still with Kurt.

  4. babyboo

    she looked like my great grand ma

  5. Katy

    babyboo if your great grandma looks this good at 65 years old, she’s a lucky woman! Goldie looks awesome. If you can look this good at 65 withOUT makeup, that’s how she ROCKS with it!

    PS: Kurt doesn’t look any better without his makeup!

  6. An asian

    goldie what/when/forever is one of the most beauty thing in the earth, what we looks at 65? She still fine & passed 64. Could you?

  7. Skye1

    Goldie has had an extreme psychic attack similar to Cat Woman’s surgery botch. She needs our positive thoughts. She looks terrible and use to be one of the best looking girls for her age–a fitness fanatic.

  8. Shatze

    She probably just got out of bed and was slobbing around. Which of us looks good in that state? She’s a great talent and a great personality. Wish I could say the same for Kurt Russell.

  9. Ms Carter

    I Never Realized How Huge Her Neck Is. It Looks Like A Man’s Neck. She Had Plastic Surgery, Too.

  10. Alana

    This lady is in her 60s. She’s probably older than your grandmothers. Would you talk like that about your grandmothers? Get some respect.

  11. amber

    this is soooooooo fake.
    what do you think? they put makeup all of her body?

    holy photoshop!

  12. Sally Layne

    She has the most beautifull eyes..

  13. kate

    Looks like a right old bag

  14. mouri

    Its not the look its bout the talent they’ve got………. light camera action………. we cant b better than them under those three ……object

  15. al7

    me thinks she’s been drinking

  16. denishwa

    wtf!! oh how she changed!!! :/

  17. occasionstoremember

    Hey all she is 65 yrs old and a Grandmother. Kootoes to Goldie she rocks. How many Grandmothers look that good with no makeup.

  18. Bob

    Sucks that the cutest gals grow ugly – especially in Hollywood where glamor is a shallow pond.

  19. Helen

    Goldie hawn must have had an off day, in her prime she was beautiful, Goldie is 64, and would Run ring around Madonna in the looks department, what exscuse does Madonna have, she has a face like a bag of frogs. Goldie is still beautiful and I love her acting.

  20. jeff

    She is about the ugliest old has been I’ve ever seen

  21. Wanda

    Goldie Hawn is 64 and she does not have any makeup on, so what, I still think she’s beautiful. She’s always been beautiful and funny… Makeup does make us look a little better but it doesn’t change who we really are.

  22. jeff

    Then you go screw her. I don’t think she can get a man hard myself

  23. Wanda

    Grow up you little boy!!! We’re not talikg about you, you dumb ass!

  24. jeff

    hahaha. You have saggy useless titties now too?

  25. Wanda

    You would so drool over me if you saw me asshole..You need to learn how to treat woman before you can be a man. Now go grow up!!!

  26. jeff

    really? I’m used 9.5’s and up.. mid thirties and kidless is my target market

  27. jeff

    Is it a coincidence that the plastic surgeons are advertising on this page??hahahaha. She is dogmeat at this point.

  28. Wanda

    That’s your opinion..She’s still Goldie Hawn. And Damn, haven’t you seen her movies, she’s awesome!

  29. jeff

    I’ve seen many of her movies. I grew up with her starting on laugh in..She still turned put to be a hideous looking cretin.

  30. Dave

    Ok Jeff. This isn’t a dating site.

  31. Dave

    Jeff there is a fine line to giving good snark. You’re crossing it.

  32. jeff

    is this a has been worship shrine?

  33. jeff

    Must be a lot of fun strapping on an IV bag of Viagara to make an attempt of the ol in N’ out with a hag like this??

  34. Dave

    That is more like it Jeff. Keep it comin’!

  35. jeff

    NO amount of Viagara……….

    What about a new Bentley? hmmmm. Is it possible?

  36. Terry

    Well, she does look good for 65! But, WOW, she looks r-e-a-l-l-y tired.

  37. Leah

    Come on just who looks good first thing in the morning? everyone gets up and looks in the mirror and says to one-self “oh I’m old”

  38. jeff

    I’m 60 and still look pretty damn good morning noon and night. I can get laid w/ease. This old has been , contemporary hag will have to spend thick green to get some desirable manmeat from here on in. No wonder Kurt bailed ..

  39. sabrina

    She is still BEAUTIFAL!!! I have always loved her and wish she woukd come back to the big screen. I also love her daughter. They r 2 of the greatest actress’s!! Love’em

  40. rita

    lets be fair…we ALL are going to get old…as mr. king wrote in one of his movies…an old man looks to his young son..he you are, i once was….as i am..YOU will be…

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